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Kurtz Auction and Realty Company sells real estate at auction in 8 states. From St. Louis east to Cincinnati and from Chicago south to the Florida Keys.

Since 1945, Kurtz has consistently outworked the competition to become the region’s leading real estate auction firm. We have been in our client's shoes in some capacity or another, and treat each project as if the property were our own. Kurtz Auction will lead you through the challenges between your current reality and success.

After more than 70 years, Kurtz Auction has served thousands of clients by selling billions in assets to the highest bidder. The Kurtz team is a family of full-time real estate practitioners who are committed to doing whatever it takes to achieve the goals of our clients.

Through our years of experience as project managers, we have developed a sales and marketing methodology that our clients trust to produce results. Our team and our process produce the best auction experience possible for each client.

Contact us today and find out if our plans and strategies are a good fit for your property and situation. Every relationship begins with a discovery interview, no strings attached.